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Product Engineering

Reduce cost of ownership; optimize time-to-market

Powermatla ICT’s Product Engineering Services are delivered through a proven development process, designed for software product development.

Powermatla ICT’s Software design services help developers translate ideas into innovative, feature-rich products that can be brought to market faster.

From concept to execution, Powermatla ICT’s product design and development services team can assist through all or any stage of your product development life cycle.

The Software Product Engineering Services from Powermatla ICT’s encompass software teams that work together in a seamless manner providing expert product designs covering Board Design, Design, Middleware and Application Development, Integration of 3rd Party Solutions, Testing and Validation, Product Prototyping, Production Coordination and Product Sustenance Services.

The gap between product concepts and realization is a complex and expensive process. Powermatla ICT offers customized software development in a number of flexible delivery models.

Powermatla ICT is a pioneer and leader in the software outsourcing industry; we are an end-to-end total solutions provider focused on delivering cost-effective and proven world-class results to our customers worldwide.

There is a clear trend towards partnering with outsourcing providers to not only allow a focus on core activities by outsourcing legacy development and maintenance tasks, but also to enhance delivery capabilities for those core activities.

This industry trend, in combination with Powermatla ICT’s unique strengths, has led to sharp growth in our product engineering business.

This explosive growth in our custom software engineering services is driven by key advantages:

  • Speed-to-market: Powermatla ICT provides experience, scalability and diverse technical expertise for quick ramp-up
  • Innovation: Streamline processes and have peace of mind to focus on your core competencies with Powermatla ICT proven methodologies
  • Quality: Meticulous attention to CMM and ISO quality standards, strong expertise in diverse technologies and industries and dedication to consistent customer satisfaction and on-time delivery
  • Security: Proven IP protection and security via legal enforcement, physical protection and staff training
  • Cost effectiveness: Reduce overall costs by leveraging high-value technical talent in China to maximize your return on R&D investment
  • Communication: Commitment to ongoing project transparency, teamwork and regular dialogue
  • Manage risks for business agility: Diversify your outsourcing risks with a China-based global component and flexible delivery models

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